Welcome to A New Start Webdesign

Is that what you are looking for? A new start to your web design? A new , more updated look? Just little changes you need done? Or a Brand new website?

Need Content for Your Website or a Full Website Creation?

Do you want to attract steady traffic to your website? The best way is to provide regular content to your website but who has time to write all that content while running a busy small business?

Do you need an update on your WordPress Website?

Do you have a vision for a brand new website you’d like developed?

Maybe you have your website well established but need more traffic to it?

Or maybe you’re so busy at your business that you don’t have time to be constantly making update posts on your social media and/or your blog.

If any of these situations apply to you, I’d be happy to help!

I’m Sophie Castonguay and I’ve been working on WordPress websites for over 9 years now. SEO is my specialty which means that I can get more natural traffic and more business to you! I absolutely love the creative process of working on websites!

Share your vision with me and I’ll make it come true online!

Let me know how I can help and I’m on it!

I travel and live in my van and am always looking for new opportunities to make money while on the road. I feel so lucky to live in a time where I can really help people remotely while doing what I love!

Reach out through one of my favourite methods of communication!

  1. email me at anewstartwebdesign@gmail.com
  2. message me on Facebook. I’m at https://www.facebook.com/anewstartwebdesign/
  3. message me on Instagram. I’m @anewstartwebdesign